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started from the bottom now we here

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First day at school, Gaza, Palestine.

this is the most important thing right now.


she is petrified and so am i

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                                           This Is All Yours

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Foxygen | How Can You Really

The new Foxygen might just be the best album of 2014


i have my folder ready 
I live for days when my favorite musician unexpectedly releases an album


LCD Soundsystem?

Don’t you mean

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I have my first day of school tomorrow tho……

Last night I went to this tumblr event for flying lotus and it was actually the dopest thing ever. You could tell that he put a lot of effort into making this night special. With the art show, string quartet, album listening, jazz band w/ thundercat, and dj set at the end it was a rad night.


Piero Lissoni.